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Thread: Q3695 and Q10532

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    Q3695 and Q10532

    An accumulator in a hydraulic system will:

    increase pressure surges within the system.
    reduce fluid temperature only.
    reduce fluid temperature and pressure.
    store fluid under pressure. <------ Correct

    The accumulator in a hydraulic system works as

    a) a fluid storage.
    b) a pressure storage. <------ Incorrect
    c) a volume storage.
    d) an energy storage. <------ Correct

    This is really confusing me! Why is answer B on Q10532 incorrect, when Q3695 says that the accumulator will store fluid under pressure?

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    Hi there!

    You can't really compare those two questions just like that as the statements are somewhat too different, as I read them. You're correct about the accumulator providing pressure for the hydraulic system. However, this isn't all, as it will also need to store some hydraulic fluid in order to build up its pressure reserve. This means that both "fluid storage" and "pressure storage" potentially are correct, but if we combine them we have the pressure providing a force and the fluid providing a flow. This moving fluid means we have energy that can provide work.

    I.e. the accumulator being an energy storage is more correct and somewhat a result of the combination of two of the other alternatives. Whether the accumulator is for hydraulic fluid, water, electricity or whatever, it will always, by definition, be an energy storage device.

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