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Thread: Is this syllabus?

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    Is this syllabus?

    Today, I had my OPS-exam.
    And I got following question:
    At Reference. The inertial navigation system (INS) indicates: Position: 71 55.1''N 09455.3''W Drift: 6L (left) The route followed in order to return to the VOR station is the meridian of the VOR station used: RESOLUTE BAY (7443.6''N 09455.3W), this VOR has North set on the local geographic meridian. The gyro compass has just been reset to Grid North (chart used: polar stereographic chart, grid parallel to zero meridian, Grid North in the direction of geographic North Pole).

    The correct representation of the RMI VOR/DME is at this moment:

    (the distance DME is in the box)

    Is this really a OPS-question, or is it out of syllabus?

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    Hi Anders,

    The question is fine as transoceanic and polar flight is covered in both OP and Gen Nav.


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