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    Just a query, the question below asks about headwind component, answer should be A. Yet the explanation gives it as D.
    I fully understand the difference if an approved measuring device is available, but as the question does not state that there is, how can answer D be correct?

    Question: In performance class 1 when there is a head wind component, an operator, when calculating take-off performance may take into account not:

    A. more than 50% of the reported headwind component
    B. less than 50% of the reported headwind component
    C. more than 150% of the reported headwind component
    D. more than 80% of the reported headwind component


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    Hi frog1pilot,

    It is ambiguous and you are right, no mention of approved wind measuring devices does tend to point to the 'more than 50%' answer, however we believe that the answer marked as the correct one is the one they are looking for.


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